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Skin Services

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Great for moderate to sever case acne. Whether its' mild inflammation or clustered large cysts these acne treatments will help reduce and clear your concerns. All acne treatments include medicated active ingredients geared to correct your skin. Detoxing, and disinfecting will be the primary focus. We now offer TEEN ACNE services in our Mobile Van! 


Hydration is the key to feed and nourish the skin for  an ongoing healthy glow. While exfoliating the skin we want to be sure the the hydration is going down into the skin by way of vortex infusion. These treatments help to provide each client with a deep pore cleanser, intense exfoliation while pushing in the hydration.


Great for acne prone clients that suffer from impaction, inflamed acne , hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. These peels are super effective in the process of clearing skin at a faster rate. Cell turnover is the focus as the process will help bring forth new skin.


Great for  clients in need a new glow'. Helps bring skin to life, removing build up and softening texture.  Polishing peels slough away dull skin and gives the complexion a balanced boost. Real deal glo up!!!


Super repairative treatment great for fine lines/wrinkles, texture concerns, dark marks....mostly used at Premier Pretty Skin to correct acne scarring left behind from previous acne inflammation. This treatment stimulates new collagen giving the skin a firmer and even tone/texture
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