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RETINOL SERUM: use evening before applying PVC vitamin c serum

POTENT ACNE SERUM: if having break outs, add on inflamed break outs

PVC VITAMIN C SERUM:  apply before moisturizer 

CLEARING SULFUR: use on entire face as weekly skin purifying mask or use as a spot treatment 


THE COMPOUND: use as cystic acne spot treatment

THE COJIC (HYDRA BRITE): use in evening... recommend to use every other day for no longer than 3 months with a month pausing time


place dime size amount to fingers, add water and apply to face move in circular motion for 2 mins and then rinse


Gels: apply thin layer over entire skin , fan dry prior to adding serums

Scrubs:  apply onto fingers, add water and move in circular motion on skin for 2 mins, allow scrub to sit for 2 mins to dry, rinse


apply serums by pushing and pressing onto skin. do not overly massage. do not rinse. If layering multiple serums, apply the thinnest serum first, air dry and apply the next serum


press and push moisturizers onto skin, do not overly massage. when applying multiple layers of various moisturizers, allow a few mins to dry before applying a SPF. 

* please note; when utilizing new products the skin can begin to PURGE This is a process of the skin detoxing, which is a necessary process for the skin's healthy beginnings. Purging typically last 1-2 weeks. Trust the process!

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