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PEEL: At home TCA chemical peel for discoloration, fine lines/wrinkles, melasma, uneven skin texture and tone concerns.


Ingredients: Glutathione,Retinioc Acid, Vitamin C, Hydroquinone, Kojic, TCA, Green Tea Phenol, Salicylic


BENEFITS: Exfoliates the skin by quickly removing dead skin cells and debris from the top layer of the skin. Helps to brighten and lighten pigmented areas of the skin and tightens skin all together. Refines skin tone and smooths overall texture.




Recent accutane- 6 months

History of cold sores

Open lacerations

Auto immune disease/cancer/treatments

History of delayed healing

Abnormal skin scarring

Tendency to easily pigment



SHELF LIFE: 1 year



HOW TO USE: Shake peel to combine all ingredients.... red color peel with a very strong medical scent, thick consisticeny.


- DO NOT scrub peel onto skin


WHAT TO EXPECT: Immediate sensation of either tingle, spicy or burning will be experienced on most customers. The skin will begin to appear red and a warm tingle sensation will be felt all over especially cheek areas. These reactions are normal however, if burning is felt more than 10 min after applying peel, rinse skin with cool water. 

After any peel the skin is Photosensitive and SPF 30 should be used daily.

After any peel the skin is sensitive and exposed as old skin is beginning to remove which makes infections or possible bacterial responses occur topically. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND being mindful of dusty/debris filled enviroments, avoiding contact with skin other than performing homecare routine, changing pillow cases, tying hair away from face, etc.


Post peel will typically begin on 3rd day with light flaking.


Cautions: Do not exfoliate skin prior to peel. Stop all AHA's/BHA's, Benzoyl peroxides and manual exfoliants at least 7 days prior to administering peel.



 Always patch test for tolerant or irriatation purposes 24-48 hours to ensure the skin doesnt experience any allergic sensitivity. Swatch a dime size amount of peel on jawline area, wash the next morning to remove excess peel if skin experienced any reaction.




AFTERCARE: Do not do anything to the skin the day of applying the chemical peel. The following morning cleanse skin with Purity Mild Cleanser, apply a thin layer of Calm Balm, finish with Pretty Protect SPF in the day *we recommend purchasing a night time moisturizer . (Glo' Intense hydrating creme -dry skin, Pretty Seamless -oily skin, or Power Acne moisturizer-acne skin) on the THIRD day of your aftercare, incorporate Hydra Brite Brightening Serum every night. These aftercare steps are for 7 days. 


Please be patient and continue with a good home care regimen for optimal results.



Keep out of reach of children. Improper use of chemical peel products can result in burns and injury.

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